Hanyang University Gymnastics cut

YangOlympic champion Yang Hak-seon, who vaulted South Korea gymnastics into the limelight by winning gold at the 2012 London Games, has flipped out at plans by Hanyang University to disband its gymnastics team, fearing it could harm the sport’s growth. …

The university announced on Friday that it would drop gymnastics, judo and track and field from its sports teams in 2015 due to budget shortfalls and bribery scandals surrounding the selection of new students.

They will run only soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball and ice hockey teams leaving the 21-year-old Yang and officials of the sport aghast at the rejection. …

Yang is leading a group of past and present gymnasts who have joined forces with the Korean Gymnastic Association (KGA) in a bid to stall the university’s decision.

They have launched a nationwide petition to garner more attention from media and the public and will hold another rally at the school on Friday. …

Gymnastics – Olympic vault champion’s uni axes gymnastics team

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#2 michael cates on 12.11.13 at 4:01 pm

So sad! Why can’t people fix the problem without killing a team! But I have seen it hear in the US where the Prin. of a Jr. High cut down the ropes in the Gym because some student was fooling around and was hurt! What a shame!

#3 Clinton on 12.11.13 at 4:23 pm

Wow, I never realised Korea had college gymnastics. Anyone know how it works?

#4 yourfacedude on 12.11.13 at 8:18 pm

There aren’t really any private gyms in Korea, so gymnasts train through the public school system, but not all public schools offer gymnastics. Those that do field competitive teams as an extracurricular activity but students may have to pay some coaching fees or something. I remember seeing a tv special in Korea about HakSeon growing up very poor in the countryside but his coach allowing him to train for free.

I think the junior national team all trains together at Taereung Athlete Village which is a massive state-run complex that houses all their olympic sports training centers and athletes…although it could have been just a regional training center for the juniors.

When they graduate, they can go on to a handful of universities that offer teams. The only other ones I know of off-hand besides Hanyang is Kyung-Hee University outside of Seoul and Korea National Sport University in Seoul, but I think there may be a few others. The quality of the gymnasts in university is quite high and their national team is made up of current or former university gymnasts. I believe the former university gymnasts go back to Taereung to train if they are on national team.

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#7 Clinton on 12.12.13 at 3:34 pm

cool, thanks for the explanation

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