Gymnast Flame Retardant Collaborative

An update by email from Courtney Carignan:

Dear GFRC member,

Thank you for joining the Gymnast Flame Retardant Collaborative. By joining our email list you have helped move this effort forward. Many of you are gymnast parents and coaches that had similar questions about alternatives and future studies. Below are some responses and updates:

1. We have updated the recommendations on the GFRC web page to be more specific. In addition to advising gymnasts to wash their hands after practice and before eating, we are also recommending that gyms implement hand washing policies and hang posters that encourage handwashing in the gym. We are also recommending gymnasts not participate in pit cleaning activities. One option for gyms may be to install a pit fluffer that could be used when the gym is not in use. If pit cleaning/fluffing must be done by hand, we suggest wearing a dust mask to reduce inhalation of suspended dust. …

Do those pit fluffers actually work?

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

How durable are they?

More pit fluffer videos.



#1 Nicole on 12.11.13 at 8:09 am

I would love not fluff pits again! But I worry that all the garbage in the bottom (bandaids, dust, socks, etc) would never get cleaned out and keep building up. At the beginning he vacuums it out but it does not look easy or plausible to vacuum the inflatable and it seems like many blocks would need to get cleared off of it first.

#2 Tim Darling on 03.20.14 at 8:56 pm

Cleaning is easier. I use an industrial size vac from Home Depot with a long extension tube. I simply turn on the pit fluffer and push the vac tube into the foam. The fluffer lifts the foam to floor level on the side and much higher in the middle. Of course some cubes fall out onto the floor and the rest you simple push aside to vac up. The Pit Fluffer brings the bottom of the pit up to floor level where you can easily deal with any mess you may have.

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