Brigid McCarthy interview

Gigi Khazback Farid posted a terrific 2-part interview with the wonderful Brigid McCarthy, founder of Couch Gymnast.

Gigi: Tell us about yourself

Brigid: I live in Australia, I am in my mid-thirties and I work in a couple of universities. I am a lecturer in media and communications and in sports media. I love teaching, but I also love my research work. I just finished my PhD on sports journalism and blogging.

Gigi: How did you come up with the blog’s name (The Couch Gymnast)?

Brigid: It was just silly- a play on the idea of the armchair sports fan/expert, as I was never a serious gymnast, but also the fact that every would-be gymnast seemed to be put in classes because they wouldn’t stop flipping off the couch!

Behind The Scenes Of Gymnastics Blogging: Brigid McCarthy, TCG Creator And Editor – PART 1

Gigi: If you had the chance to design a new CoP for gymnastics, what would you do?

Brigid: Fix how artistry and dance elements are awarded. That I know for sure. But then when I ask myself ‘how?’, within five minutes of thinking it out I feel compelled to put my head down on the desk and shut my eyes and moan ‘too hard’.





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