Brenna Dowell – Bars

Coach Al Fong was vocal when Brenna was left off the competing team at 2013 Worlds. He — and many others — felt Brenna should have competed Bars & possibly Beam, McKayla Vault & Floor.

Gummi Brynjólfsson:

The girl was in the warm up gym doing full world class routines until Maroney left for the competition hall next door. To us sharing training time with Brenna and her coaches it seemed very strange not to use her at least on bars where she had by far the most innovative and interesting routine of the whole US team. A real medal contender whom I hope will be representing the US in future major competitions. …

The problem of too much Depth – US women

Gummi links to a good training routine video on that post.

Here’s another.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I’ve loved Brenna ever since I watched her training at GAGE a few years ago.

But in the U.S. training sessions I watched in Antwerp, I saw her miss many times. Usually on straddle back.

Marta expects 100% hits in training.

I wasn’t all that surprised to see McKayla, also a bit inconsistent, get the call. Marta would love to have McKayla on the Worlds team in future as an all-arounder.


#1 Marcus on 12.13.13 at 6:59 pm

People need to stop saying she was a medal contender. She only had a 5.9 and her execution was not going to beat out Mustafina or Ross, or even Simone to be honest.

#2 Mary Shaw on 12.13.13 at 10:03 pm

She should have been given a chance to compete. She handled it crazy well – being in the actual gym up until the time to compete. It shouldn’t have mattered that she could medal or not – I’m sure she was still one of the very best gymnasts at the competition.

#3 balabanov11 on 12.13.13 at 11:57 pm

As usual with Al, it was completely his own fault. Her bar composition was awful all season, leading her to never be able to compete and hit the same set twice. The Tweddle/straddleback was a very iffy combo for her with little amplitude or handstand hit on the straddle back, even when she made it. And it was the ONLY event she had a prayer of even competing, as her floor composition fell apart as well when she lost her fulltwisting dbl layout, and she’s AWFUL on beam. And of course she was useless on vault, as she has no 2nd vault. These are ALL coaching faults, btw. They should have been thrilled she got to make the trip, and left it at that.

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