weightless acrobatics

Astronaut Al Bean on Skylab 3. A trained springboard diver.

A great way to see how “tilt twist” works.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via Trampoline Pundit)

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6 thoughts on “weightless acrobatics”

  1. Quite funny Rick… I was so excited I watched the clip before reading your post…

    And I was sitting here going “uh… NO WAY do ‘civilians’ know how to twist like that – he must have been a trained gymnast or diver”

    Only then did I got to re-read your comment “Astronaut Al Bean on Skylab 3. A trained springboard diver”.

    I’m so glad he was up there – I know everyone in the world would jump at the opportunity to be weightless, but it’s probably just a little more fabulous to see someone who can take such good advantage of it!

    I think gymnasts and divers probably wish their whole lives to have the chance to slow down time and mess with gravity to perfect their technique!!

    This was a great link!

  2. I wonder whether someday in the future, gymnasts will attend training camps in orbit. It would certainly be an excellent training tool!

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