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Gymnewstics has an informative and interesting interview with the prodigy.

At just 13-years-old, Shallon Olsen has captured the attention of the gymnastics world in her home country of Canada and around the globe. She has an impressive skill set that goes well beyond what one would expect to see out of someone her age, including a double twisting yurchenko (that she first performed at age 10!) and a full-in on floor. Her potential seems almost limitless and she happens to be just the right age for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Shallon has won the Canadian Junior National Championships the past two years in a row. She made her international debut at the Top Gym tournament in Belgium in 2011, then won the AA and vault at the same meet last November. …

Chalk Talk Tuesday: Shallon Olsen

She’s working Arabian on Beam. And is training towards Pacific Rim 2014 in her home city Vancouver.

Clarification. Brittany Rogers had left her club, Omega, long before qualifying for the London Olympics. That club has had difficulty keeping their gymnasts through to the Senior level.

Shallon is the real deal, however. This girl can do tricks. And she can compete.

In an era when start score is far more important than Execution, Shallon’s timing might be just right for Rio.

Biggest problem is Bars. Click PLAY or watch her Elite Canada 2013 routine on YouTube.

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  1. I hope she does work on her bars. Maybe Gymnastics Canada can help her find a good bars coach. Even with an Amanar, she may not make the Canadian Worlds team. Canada has too much depth in her strong events (vault and floor). Fellow junior athletes like Brianna Clark and Aleeza Yu will help Canada on bars and Heaven Latimer will contribute on beam.

  2. She is everything this sport should not be about. Her form is disgusting. She throws big tricks. If the FIG wants this type of gymnastics to represent the sport it will be dead in 15 years.

  3. do you people even know how hard these skills are? you don’t have to say all those rude things. She works very hard and she is very talented and you wouldnt be happy ifsomeone said that too you, so don’t say things like that

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