Gymnastics Reality TV

Teaching “celebrities” … gymnastics … as a Reality TV show.

… CORE Media is developing Celebrity Champions, an original format that will see former Olympians coach celebrities – be they dancers, musicians, actors or athletes – in various disciplines.

Those will include bars, floor, rings and vault. Gold medalist Mary Lou Retton is attached as the anchor judge on the project which was brought to CORE by Shauna Thomas, Triana Lavey, and 1996 Olympic team member John Macready.

… Other former Olympians attached to participate include Shannon Miller and Paul Hamm. …


They couldn’t dive. What makes anyone think celebrities can learn gymnastics?

Lisa Beam

(via Couch Gymnast)


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#4 MCSMaria on 10.18.13 at 9:47 pm

This is a terrible idea. You can’t teach someone a foundation that took a lifetime to build in a matter of weeks. When I stopped doing gymnastics in high school, when I stopped, I was terrified to even tumble on a trampoline. This isn’t football.

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