Renmore Gymnastics, Galway Ireland

One of my favourite clubs in the world is Renmore. They are passionate. And organized.

Renmore trained in a set-up, take-down facility until moving to a dedicated gym in 2010. Despite a severe economic recession in most of Ireland, the club in Galway is booming.

Growth and performance have far exceeded their Strategic Sports Development Plan. By 2013 they had 750 gymnasts, a 25% increase over the previous year. And up from 150 gymnasts in 2010.

They’ve attracted coaches from United States, England, Latvia, Australia, Germany and Ireland.

CA clinic
CA clinic

Renmore is looking for a WAG elite development coach to work with their youngest talented kids. High performance is the goal.

Energy. Enthusiasm. Positive coaching style, all assets. :-)

International candidates welcomed.

To find out more, email sally.batley (a)

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