Luke Carson out of Worlds

Here’s a rare injury of note. Broken leg on take-off from Vault.

Less than two weeks before Carson was set to leave for the World Championships, he traveled to Lowestoft, England for a pre-Worlds camp with the Great Britain team. Everything was going according to plan and seemed normal until a bad punch on the springboard leading into his vault went terribly wrong.

“I took off on the springboard and that’s when I felt the most excruciating pain in my left tibia,” Carson wrote. “I flew through the air and landed on my back screaming in pain. The ambulance came soon after. After X-rays were taken, I am sorry to say I have shattered my tibia.”

The injury in and of itself is odd, happening on the springboard versus the landing. Doctors even believe that an unknown existing stress fracture may be the cause of all of the damage. This latest turn in an unusually unlucky series of events for Carson couldn’t have come at a worse time. Not only will he undoubtedly be out of Worlds but his career could be over.

All Flipped Out

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Unlike the ladies of the SEC in College Gymnastics, Luke is one of many, many Artistic gymnasts who struggled financially to continue in his sport to the highest level.

At age-25, Mette Hulgaard still lives at home in order to afford to train for her 6th World Championships.

Much higher priority for sports organizations world wide should be funding of their top athletes.

Check in your nation. Compare the salaries of the employees of your Federation with what your top athletes are compensated.

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