Aaron Cook – standing double back

Rod Floor.

Click PLAY or watch it on Facebook.

Tumbling/Gymnastics Coach at Michigan Xtreme Cheer & Dance


#1 sivado on 06.26.13 at 1:05 am

Wow thats great. When will we see one at AG competition.

#2 TCO on 06.26.13 at 7:12 pm

There is a lot of his stuff on youtube. I’m sure the rod floor gives a little tramp bounce to start and also a safety factor. But he is so high, that I feel he could get this done on a regular floor (with some risk).

#3 michael on 06.29.13 at 9:45 am

when did you see him train with him for2 yrs was incredible miller through to triple, 2 doubles through to triple all at14 walked away just plays now cheer gym

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