Canadian Championships FINALS

I write at 6am following Finals. Official results still are not posted. :-(

Two-time Olympian Jason Burnett of Toronto soared to his seventh national trampoline title and Ellie Black of Halifax led the way in the women’s gymnastics on Saturday with three medals to cap a brilliant performance at the 2013 Canadian Gymnastics Championships. …

In women’s trampoline Samantha Sendel of Toronto won her first senior title with a score of 145.385 …

On the final day of artistic gymnastics (Ellie) Black won bronze on vault, silver on floor and gold on beam to go with the all around title she won on Thursday in the women’s senior finals.

Other senior gold medallists were Maegan Chant of Waterdown, Ont., (vault), Gabriella Douglas (floor) and Kaitlyn Hofland (… bars) …

In the women’s junior competition, Shallon Olsen of Vancouver won both the vault and floor finals to complement her earlier victory in the all around.

In men’s senior gymnastics, Robert Watson of Richmond, B.C. led the way with three medals, including gold on floor while Scott Morgan of Vancouver showed consistency with silver on vault, rings and floor.

(Editors NOTE – Scott Morgan tied for Gold on Rings.)

Other gold medal winners were veterans Brandon O’Neill of Edmonton (vault) Kevin Lytwyn (rings), Anderson Loran (pommel horse), Jayd Lukenchuk, (parallel bars), and Rene Cournoyer of Repentigny, Que., on high bar. …

The top juniors were Justin Karstadt of Toronto and Aaron Mah of Vancouver who both earned two gold medals.

In other events Denis Vachon of Burlington, Ont., and Lexi Giesbrecht of Calgary won gold in men’s and women’s double-mini trampoline and Jon Schwaiger and Emily Smith, both of Burlington, Ont., captured the men’s and women’s tumbling titles.

Giesbrecht also won gold in women’s junior trampoline and Keevin Madigan of Toronto topped the field on the men’s side.

read more on Facebook posted unofficial Finals rankings:

Senior Vault:
1. Chant
2. Tsang
3. Black
4. Chow
5. Lennon
6. VK Woo
7. Cyrenne

Senior Bars:
1. Hofland
2. Merkle
3. M. Colussi-Pelaesz 
4. N. Vaculik
4. Chiarelli
6. Chow
7. Chant
8. Carvahlo

Senior Beam:
1. Black
2. Douglas
3. Hofland
4. Lennon
5. Chant
6. Colussi-Pelaesz
7. Gardiner
8. N. Vaculik

Senior Floor:
1. Douglas
2. Black
3. Merkle
4. Chiarelli
5. Chant
5. Moors
8. Gardiner

Junior Vault:
1. Olsen
2. Clark
3. Yu
4. Zhong
5. Joo
6. RK Woo
7. Townsend

Junior Bars:
1. Clark
2. Yu
3. Onyshko
4. Olsen
5. Roberge
6. Townsend
7. Bastien

Junior Beam:
1. Soloski
2. Clark
3. RK Woo
4. Onyshko
5. Olsen
6. Right
7. Yu

Junior Floor:
1. Olsen
2. Yu
4. RK Woo
5. Townsend
6. Onyshko
7. Soloski
8. Chan

Senior Beam was the most impressive apparatus final. :-)

Aleeza Yu

Aleeza Yu


#1 Claudine on 05.26.13 at 6:33 am

My husband and I were discussing our frustration with delays in posting results online. We can’t understand how something that seems as simple and straightforward as the timely uploading of a results file is not a priority.

It particularly stands out at an event such as Nationals. It reflects poorly on the organizers, even if everything else involved with running the competition went like clockwork.

#2 GML on 05.26.13 at 8:06 am

Wow! What a comeback for Clark… 5 medals and the highest AA total of the year for juniors yesterday. Olsen should start working on her execution because she was beaten yestersay even without a fall…

#3 Callie on 05.26.13 at 8:41 am

The women’s floor final judging seemed off. One of the best routines was off the podium. Lots of splats in there too.

#4 Watcher on 05.26.13 at 10:44 am

Event organizers still haven’t posted the WAG 13-15 Open scores. Somebody put up MAG High Bar scores there instead.

#5 jenny on 05.26.13 at 6:10 pm

Chiarelli was cheated out of a floor medal. Judges cheated the entire night and just gave the scores to the gymnasts they wanted to win.

The whole Canadian Nationals was a joke.

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