High School basketball player passes ball

… A Texas teen has set the example of sportsmanship by unselfishly surrendering the basketball to a developmentally disabled member of the opposing team so he could score a point during a game.

Mitchell Marcus serves as the team manager for the basketball team at Coronado High School in El Paso, Texas.

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Jonathon Montanez is a sporting hero.

‘I was raised to treat others how you want to be treated,’ Jonathon explained to CBS News about his action.

‘I just though Mitchell deserved his chance, deserved his opportunity.’

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5 thoughts on “High School basketball player passes ball”

  1. I recommend you look up how adults with disabilities are reacting to this (the term “inspiration porn” comes up a lot. As does “object, not subject”). It’s self aggrandizing and gross. Making yourself a hero by being “nice” to the Not Really A Person? Ick.

    -actually disabled.

    1. Thanks. I’d never heard the term.

      Sorry you feel badly about the joy at Coronado High School.

      I’ll post my take on the issue of ‘inspiration porn’ on Wednesday.

      … not the greatest term for that argument, I’d note.

  2. Wow! Incredibly cynical to assume that a young man figured out (in a matter of seconds) that if he inbounded the pass to his opponent his actions would be caught on video and the opponent would score a basket, therefore he himself would get interviewed and then that interview would go viral on YouTube and Facebook.

    It is my opinion that one ballplayer gave another ballplayer an opportunity to score a basket that was obviously going to be very meaningful to his team and his fans in the stands. I don’t see a handout; I see understanding and compassion.

  3. The young basketball player who inbounded the ball to the opposing player is showing all that he is a person who is mature beyond his years. A young man who obviously has been brought up with great values. He will grow to be a great contributer to society.

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