Cheer Perfection – FAIL

Cheer Perfection is an American reality documentary television series that debuted on December 19, 2012 on TLC.

TLC announced on February 6, 2013, that it has ordered eight additional episodes.

… The series follows a group of young cheerleaders at Cheer Time Revolution, located in Sherwood, Arkansas, as they endure the world of competitive cheerleading …

If you are looking for a reason to hate on competitive Cheer, click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. But be warned.

I couldn’t watch this coaching criminality for long.

Kids age 6-13.

Talk about giving Cheer a bad name. :-(


#1 Heather on 03.13.13 at 11:48 am

completely agree. this show was terrible.

#2 Tracy on 03.13.13 at 1:54 pm

I watched maybe 3/4s and I don’t know why. It was just bad. Bad parents, bad coaches and not say great cheer.
Why don’t they do this with a higher level group?

#3 Jb on 03.13.13 at 7:11 pm

Fat LAZY parent who blame their problems on others, have nothing else to do other than bitch and backstab one another and act like their child is the next superstar and they know more than the coach.

To expect these kids to know what dedication is when they have such bad examples at home and a coach who knows no other method than shouting and threatening is a bit of a stretch.

If you want a good cheer/coach show then the 6 part doco “cheer” is so much better. Great caring passionate coach, motivated kids. I enjoyed it, even though cheer is not my thing.

#4 michele on 03.14.13 at 3:17 am

The parents in this show are disgusting, overweight and lazy.

#5 Diana on 03.14.13 at 1:42 pm

Its strangely addicting like the dance moms show.
if you watch it on youtube u can skip past all the cat fighting crap.

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