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Recently at No Limits Gymnastics Panama coach Daniella had 3 girls learn kip within a week time span.

I insisted they have a FIESTA for each. :-)

Shawn Johnson said kip was the most difficult skill she ever learned.

Gymtastics GymTools sells a package of task cards that can be used in setting up Bar circuits.

kip tips

This package contains 30 professionally illustrated skill cards. These visuals can be printed out to 8 1/2″ x 11″ on your personal printer. Great to place within your circuits for children to visually see how skills and progressions are performed correctly.


We need all the help we can get.

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    1. Why do girls have so much more trouble getting kip than boys? I always hear how hard kip is for girls. But boys don’t really seem to have all that much trouble with kips, it’s really just another skill. I wonder if doing on P Bars first is part of the reason.

    2. This is my thought on why the kip is said to be and can take long to learn.
      1- Its coached poorly. People do not spend enough time on separating out the kip into its parts, Glide, Snap, Kip. To often its just repeat till death
      2- Poor conditioning, doing endless leg lifts and no shoulder kip specific shoulder extension, or static tuck front levers
      3- poor coaching. At the age that kid should be learning the kip! they should have been doing glides, conditioning for at least a year on the conditioning (ages 4-5) At 5 or sooner they should have been working drop kips, and drills. By the time the kid has to learn a kip at Level 4, they have been preparing it, and being either very close (within a few weeks of first attempts by self)… So the learning/teaching is easy. Much work shared by many, makes for a lighter job. I feel that if your club is having regular issues teaching kips, you need to re look at your program, and identify why the kids are not able to learn this basic, fundamental skill, quickly enough.

      Boys tend to be luckier, because they can get bigger glides, which facilitates the learning process.

      Key drill for kids first attempting to learn is spotted strap bar kips, drop kips, and kips.. The kip is about teaching the kids the timing of the skill.

      Just my 2c.

    3. sometimes the child is one of the strongest in the group but they just dont understand the TIMING…. Kips are one of their first “big girl” skills and they are in such a rush to get it, that they forget the technique and timing

    4. I do teach the kip for boys at level 4 on boys p-bars and high bar at the same time, even the it is not required on p-bars till level 6, i do believe it helps facilitate the learning process on the highbar.And they usually make it on pbars first.

      It is necesary to have a strong leg lift,I usually like to see 10 leg lifts beofre i start major kip work , otherwise you just doing a lot of heavy liftting and watching a lot of bent arm kips. I work them with them as preteamer’s, along with glide swings in a row and glide swing to v swings.
      I look for 3 glides in a row that are strong to 1 V swing
      then 1 glide swing to 3 v swings in a row with proper timing of the snap to toes on the bar the whole time.
      Then it is time to introduce what I call the split kip or single leg kip one leg infront of the bar , one leg behind the bar. When they can do glide swing to snap to split swing ,v position one leg in and out, i spot 5 split drop kips in a row, this help s them learn the swing and the pulldown.
      after months of those you can let them work the kip alone with hands on the bar start in a dish jump off a block to glide and single leg kip, with this is good, for girls i have them do jump to the bar single leg kip, the next step is hands on bar regular kip, when they first try real kip i usually have them do make 2 straight arm split kips then try one real kip , they usually do 5 rounds of this and then repeat the process with jump to the bar
      with boys i start with hand on the bar jump SLK, when they can make this with straight arms and straight front knee”no hooking it around the bar” i have them start hand s on the bar jump to tap swing and then glide to SLK. once those are proficient, then start the process of hands on the bar jump to real kip and then jump tap swing to long hang kip.
      hope this simplifies the kip

    5. I learned it as an adult full weight male. Was not that hard. Doing it first on p-bars is key. you really get a different feel for how to get a long glide.

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