Woodward Des Moines?

Shawn Johnson announced some big and surprising news.

Lunchables and Shawn Johnson inspire kids to lunch their tummies right.

Since her retirement in June, the 2008 Olympic gold medalist has appeared on a second season of Dancing With the Stars and been working on a variety of projects. None has her more excited than a gym that she plans to open with Woodward Camp in West Des Moines this year, the newspaper reports.

Johnson said the facility will be a place for children to try a variety of sports from BMX to gymnastics. She said she’ll be helping to design the curriculum.

“I’ve never been this excited about a project,” Johnson told USA Today. “Kids and fitness and exercise and having the freedom to learn what you want to do is kind of my passion. I feel like gymnastics was a little restrictive in not allowing me to have freedom and to be able to give that option is our main focus.” …

Shawn Johnson Hits Ski Slopes, Talks About Opening West Des Moines Gym

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