Komova – Olympic AA Floor

WOGymnastike names it the Best Floor Routine 2012.

I agree.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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6 thoughts on “Komova – Olympic AA Floor”

  1. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. You can’t take your eyes off her for the whole routine. Excellent use of the floor, perfect choreography, and a fantastic mix of tumbling and dance. A joy to watch.

  2. It’s true…Komova may be the better gymnast overall, but Gabby was the better gymnast on the night that it counted. It’s sad…but, that’s sport.

  3. Gabby took two steps on her vault and the picture I have looks like she might have been over the line and she got credit on beam for a leap she never actually competed as well as a couple of questionable connections.

    Komova’s beam had a few bobbles but Gabby'[s scores do not add up. Not on UB or beam or vault unless you think that thing she did in the AA was close to what Mckayla does in height and distance or her team final vault.

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