Gymternet – best of 2012

by site editor Rick McCharles

Gymnastics Coaching is an aggregator. We try to link to the best of the best published online in English. The most interesting ideas, photos and videos.

Artistic Gymnastics, especially WAG, dominates the Gymternet over all other acrobatic disciplines. That’s OK — I guess — since we want every child to start with Artistic & Trampoline before specializing. :)

I’ve blocked recommendations into 3 categories:

INDEPENDENT SITES (blogs, coaches, etc.)
OFFICIAL SITES (magazines, organizations, FIG, NOCs, etc.)

Artistic Gymnastics is the Foundation.


The very best have not changed much since a year ago:

Blythe Lawrence (USA) – Gymnastics Examiner | Facebook | @GymExaminer

Brigid McCarthy (Australia) and friends – The Couch Gymnast | Facebook | @TheCouchGymnast

Albert Minguillón i Colomer, Nora Schuler & Elizabeth Long (Europe) – THE ALL AROUND | Facebook | @THEALLAROUND

Katie (Ireland) – Full Twist | Facebook | @full_twist

Tony RetrosiGym Momentum | Facebook | @gym_momentum

The biggest development of the past year was the launch of a major videocast — GymCastic. … That’s Spanny, Dvora of Unorthodox Gymnastics, Uncle Tim, Blythe Lawrence and moderator Jessica O’Beirne of Masters Gymnastics.

Gigi – WOGymnastike is definitely worth following. As is Gymnast 391.

But a number of my favourite sites have advertising annoying enough for me to be reluctant to link: IG (auto loading video), WOGymnastike, Examiner. If you are irked, consider using Clearly. It lets you read a post bypassing too aggressive advertising.

Other must reads not focused on WAG:

Trampoline Pundit

T&T Coaches Canada on Facebook is a terrific T&T source, too. Invitation only.

Uncle Tim Talks Men’s Gym

GYMMIN’ MIEL! (all disciplines)

Those sites post prolifically. Each is quite unique. Please subscribe, follow and/or like those as well as others listed here that don’t post quite so often. (A much longer list of sites we follow is listed in the right hand navigation of every page on this site.)

The only site with more content for coaches than this one is GymnasticsZone, a terrific resource. Original content.

John Geddert has been posting online for a few years. But in 2011 he became the elite coach who communicates online the most.

The Gymnastics Coach | Facebook | @JohnGGeddert

Ask Al Fong is another superb site for technique.

I’m collaborating with Sara Gill, a coach / consultant for those looking for NCAA scholarships. Her site is GymDynasty.

I follow the NCAA mostly on these sites:

Balance Beam Situation

College Gym Fans

Aunt Joyce

Manual on Handstands

Aunt Joyce is starting a new Skating audiocast. That may keep him too busy to follow WAG.

The following sites publish less frequently, but I never miss a post:

Triple Twist Gym Blog (new address as of Dec. 31st) | Facebook | @tripletwistgym

Arabian Punch Front

• Andy ThorntonAmerican Gymnast | Facebook | @americangymnast (company tweets)

Ron NoeStick It Media (MAG) | @StickItMedia

Kristal Sergent BouldenDouble Front | Facebook | @Double_Front | Tumblr

Bronwyn & Clara Stoi!

JAO Coaching Gymnastics in the New Millenium

• Tsuk the Pain | @TsukthePain | Tumblr

• Between the Olympics | @BTOgymblog

• Bekah’s “Get a Grip” Gymblog | @GetAGripGymblog

• E Panel | @TheEpanel

Valentin Uzunov’s The Gym Press | @thegympress.

• Beautiful Gymnastics

Sites dedicated to geographic regions:

GymMedia (English & German)

turn-news (German)

• Cris – Gymfever
• Alina – Tare! magazine
• Mihai – FanGymnastics (Romanian)
• Bea – Gymnastics No Ceiling | Facebook
• Carmen – Romanian Gymnastics Fans on Facebook

Blossom, Chinese Gymnastics Flowers

• Chinese Gymnastics Blog

• Rewriting Russian Gymnastics

Australian Gymnastics Blog

GymPower (Dutch)

Gimnasia Latina (Spanish American)

Revista Magnesia (Mexico)

Doble en Plancha (Spain)

Tsukahara Tucked (Argentina)

Gymnastikfabriken (Sweden) (Poland)

Gymania (Hebrew) (French)

Gym-Nast-iique (French)

Gym Blog Brazil (Portuguese)

• Jennifer Isbister’s (Canada) … perhaps the original dedicated National site

Couch Gymnast graphic

The Chrome browser offers automatic Google language Translate, one of the main reasons I use it.


I link a lot to IG. Dwight Normile, Amanda Turner, John Crumlish & team – International Gymnast magazine online News | Facebook@intlgymnast

Last year and again this year I was astonished at the quality of communications out of USA Gymnastics and FIG. Those organizations have media people equal the best bloggers. In the past information from both was whitewashed — no bad news. But both have gotten increasingly open, over time.

• USAG Headlines | Facebook | @USAGym

• FIG News | Facebook | @officialfig

Great Britain did a terrific job too in 2012. Other nations, … not so much. I’m looking at you Canada. :)

I’ve long criticized Inside Gymnastics magazine. But the IG2 posts were better this year, I thought. Especially during LIVE events. And especially on Facebook.

Inside Gymnastics News | Facebook | @InsideGym


Anne Phillips and team are the leaders:

• Gymnastike | Facebook | @gymnastike

I link only to their free pages, not their new Premium content.

The best thing that ever happened for gymnastics coaches is YouTube. Thank Google for buying that company and letting us share with the world for free. In 2011 I still link to YouTube over Vimeo and others as YouTube streams quickest over a weak WiFi signal.

Some of my favourites this past year:

• American Gymnast Gymnastics on Demand videos on the JoeLangley YouTube channel (1150+ coaching tutorials)

British Gymnastics TV

JAO Videos on YouTube

• Coach Sommers – Gymnastic Bodies videos (the #1 MAG strength guru)

Nick Blanton on YouTube

Nick’s recently relocated to Canada. And started up Blanton’s Gymnastics Consultancy. Recommended.

• Tony Retrosi – Gym Momentum YouTube Channel

• Mary Lee Tracy – USAmlt YouTube Channel

• John Geddert – GymnasticsCoachUSA YouTube channel and DVDs $.

Gymnastics Minute YouTube channel. And GymSmarts for DVDs $.

RedNasvw YouTube channel, especially his MAG Code of Points videos

There were fewer gymnastics montages in 2012, me thinks. I link most to AshleyakaFlipper and CSaccullo.

Inside Gymnastics has the photographer I link to most. That’s the terrific Grace Chiu. She uses Facebook perfectly, posting a few of her best shots in order to promote sales from

There are a number of equally wonderful photographers around the world. But many are over-protective. Almost nobody sees their work. Foremost of those is the great Eileen Langsley.

_____ …

Did I MISS one of your favourite sites? … or links to their content?

I’m reluctant (yet) to start listing too many Tumblr sites or Twitter feeds. Those can be as messy as Facebook. Too much crap interspersed with good content.

But … leave a comment and I’ll update this list in a week or so. I could name many more.


#1 Mihai on 01.01.13 at 4:35 am

Thank you, Rick, for your support! Happy New Year!

#2 TrishaG on 01.01.13 at 8:32 am

I really enjoy Catherine B.’s blog Beautiful Gymnastics. Wonderful mix of current and past gymnastics.
Here’s the link:

#3 coach Rick on 01.01.13 at 9:39 am

Thanks TrishG. I hadn’t seen Beautiful Gymnastics. It’s been added. And I’m subscribed.

From Ireland?

#4 Anonymous on 01.01.13 at 10:45 am

Illusion Spin ( is a great new one. It’s a combination of Artistic Gymnastics and Figure Skating (mainly Ladies), and it’s quite funny. Illusion Spin really values the beauty of the Russians and condemns ugly gymnastics such as the gymnastics of Aly Raisman. It’s worth it to go on your list. It’s also quite new, and could use some publicity. Please put it on your list!

#5 WOGymnastike on 01.01.13 at 12:00 pm

Thank you so much :)

#6 Bea on 01.01.13 at 12:19 pm

Hello Coach Rick, Thank you so much for your support and for all the kind words!
Also, now I am more active on my facebook page ( ) I find it easier to link to various things I find online.

#7 coach Rick on 01.01.13 at 12:44 pm

Thanks. I’m now subscribed.

Won’t link to it yet. Let’s see if Illusion Spin has staying power first.

#8 catherine on 01.01.13 at 1:50 pm

Yes, from Ireland :)

Thanks a lot Rick and Trisha.

#9 coach Rick on 01.01.13 at 2:00 pm

I added the Facebook link, Bea.

Happy New Year.

#10 Gymnastics/Fan on 01.01.13 at 2:51 pm

Thank you Rick. The only real reason why my blog get hits is because of you. I like your blog because it’s updated everyday. Happy New Year.

#11 coach Rick on 01.01.13 at 6:21 pm

Yours is definitely one of the best. And all the best in 2013.

#12 artrax57 on 01.01.13 at 9:24 pm is a mexican site that has been since 2007. It has gymnastics news from Mexico and the world. Also here are the facebook and twitter pages:

#13 coach Rick on 01.01.13 at 9:43 pm

Thanks. I’ll add that link.

#14 Ashlee on 01.02.13 at 11:01 am

Hey Rick!
We changed our name on twitter from @tripletwistblog to @tripletwistgym, do you mind changing your link? Thanks so much! :)

#15 Lisa on 01.02.13 at 11:15 am

There is a german website called .
They attend many german meets and do an excellent video coverage. Maybe you want to link them too.

#16 coach Rick on 01.02.13 at 11:53 am


#17 coach Rick on 01.02.13 at 12:00 pm

Thanks Lisa. turn-news looks great. Danke.

#18 Gymternet – best of 2013 — Gymnastics on 01.01.14 at 9:48 am

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