elevated bridge

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Ensure that technique is good, hips are stretched, shoulders in front of the hands, before starting to lower the feet.

For the gymnast in the video, I would raise the height of the feet. Her shoulders are not yet over and past her hands.

That was linked by Coaching Gymnastics in the New Millennium.

The comments on that post and the YouTube page are interesting. Tammy Biggs likes to train elevated bridge with feet together AND feet shoulder width (for flyspring).

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  1. At a recent lecture for TOPS Tammy said that it is now not perferred to have bridges with straight legs and referenced WOGA and how Liukin does not allow them in his gym. Said it makes release moves flat later on. I believe this to be true just from watching Sabrina Vega’s piked hect in slow motion. You can see where this would be an issue. IMO

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