Ebee’s awe-inspiring moment 2012

Elizabeth Price had a fantastic breakout season in 2012 and is the #1 in shape gymnast in the world right now.


… so what was the highlight of the Olympic year for Ebee?

The most awe-inspiring moment of 2012 for me, was breaking the 10,000 mark for the number of followers I have on Twitter. That was like a huge goal of mine for the longest time and I finally reached it after my World Cup meets.

Follow Elizabeth Price on Twitter at @elizabeth_ebee.

… if you could change one thing about the sport of gymnastics, what would you change?

I think the one thing I would change about the sport of gymnastics, is the amount of requirements expected by the judges. I understand that higher levels require more difficulty, but to me it seems like the routines become less and less optional. And I feel this way because there are only so many skills or movements you can do to fill the requirements and everyone’s routines start to look similar. And to me, that takes away the variety and individuality of the sport, which ultimately lowers the excitement and wow factor of gymnastics.

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