54 full turns

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  1. As for gymnasts, the carpeted floor makes it super hard (and can cause injuries). Gymnasts are poorly trained in turning, but spotting is the least of it (many do that much right). Notice the prepare here, how she gets up on her center first and then winds it up gradually and uses things like leg and arm position and turnout to create rotation. Clearly she’s very gifted, but she’s also been carefully trained to do this.

  2. May I also add that this particular girl is home-schooled and trains in dance pretty much full time… Unlike her elite gymnast counterparts though, none of her training time has to be devoted to learning bars, beam, vault or complex tumbling! I think we’d probably all be pretty awesome at pirouettes if we spent 3 hours a day on them :) And yes, the gym floor is not conducive to that kind of spinning. I’ve seen enough broken toes and busted ankles to know that. Big, big difference between a padded, flexible, carpeted surface and a shiny, hard dance floor.
    That being said – this kid absolutely OWNS these turns, certainly not suggesting anyone could do that!

  3. I think people are also forgetting the difference between doing turns with shoes on, versus barefoot (like most gymnasts).
    There’s a reason few modern dancers really do turns in performances- and that’s because of the friction on the bare foot- and this isn’t even on carpet

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