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In celebration of Festivus, I link to a click grabbing post from CNN which selected Gabby Douglas 1st and 5th — using no criteria at all — on a list of the world’s fittest women 2012.

I’ve little doubt that #2 Annie Thorisdottir, former gymnast and two time World CrossFit champion, could best any woman alive today at feats of strength.

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  1. I do believe the 1st is just the opening slide featuring a great photo of Gabby. Hence, Annie is #1. Gabby and the rest of the fierce 5 are #3, and closing the list at #10 are the Williams sisters.

  2. mh. no. cf says she’s been a national nevel track athlete? who knows. whatever, strong women do powerlifting (strong only), and the “feats of strength” guys will be in olympic weightlifting (women there do nearly triple bodyweight clean and jerk!!). crossfit is more about allaround fitness, very much endurance based.

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