… on Uchimura’s Pommel dismount

I got a welcoming reply from my Open Letter to Steve Butcher, newly elected Men’s Technical Chair for FIG.

Look for improved communication over the next 4yrs.

Knoxville News acknowledged the election of their local:

… He also was selected to serve as a gymnastics judge for the past two Olympics, and an incident at the London Games this summer put him and some fellow judges in the spotlight.

He was serving as apparatus supervisor for the pommel horse during the men’s team championship, when Kohei Uchimura of Japan, who later became the all-around individual champion, had some problems on his dismount.

Butcher’s panel of judges did not give him credit for the dismount, and Butcher’s score agreed with them.

However, Japan’s coach put in an inquiry asking for an official review.

“The other members of the technical committee reviewed it and overturned it and gave him credit, and that moved Japan from fourth to second,” Butcher said. …

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At the time, Dan Keatings stated he thought Kohei should get “credit”.

Most judges I’ve talked to since said: NO WAY.

Uncle Tim details the 13min timeline it took to assess a handstand on videotape.

That looked bad in EVERY way. :(

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3 thoughts on “… on Uchimura’s Pommel dismount”

  1. Butcher and the original D panel made their call after watching the routine once in real time. Those who overturned them had access to slow motion video they could watch repeatedly ( at least this is my understanding of the system). If that was the case, it’s not surprising the groups came up with different answers.

    Coach Rick, are you at liberty to share anything from your communication with Steve Butcher?

  2. Rick,

    You have often made comments to the effect of endorsing general impressionism.

    Please judge EXACTLY to the code. Including the parts you disagree with.

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