MED – Make Ethical Decisions

As a clinician in Canada for the National Coaching Certification Program I was required to complete an online ethics course.

Online Evaluation for Make Ethical Decisions – Competition – Introduction:

• Scenario One
• Scenario Two

… You will fail the evaluation if you cannot:

• establish the facts of the situation

• distinguish between legal and ethical situations

• determine appropriate solutions to the scenario

The two scenarios were somewhat interesting. Somewhat useful.

But the design of the online course was sterile. Slow to complete. Buttons did not align clearly to text.

Too academic. Too wordy.

Correct “answers” were debatable.

Overall call me DISAPPOINTED. :(

I did send my feedback to Coaching Association of Canada.

Two of us had trouble logging into The Vault, as well. But my distress email was quickly answered.


#1 Rosemary on 11.01.12 at 4:58 am

I am wondering why all Canadian gymnastics coaches must complete this online MED course, when the new Foundations theory program includes a lengthy module on Making Ethical Decisions. The scenarios are slightly different, but the decision-making process is exactly the same.

#2 Hannah on 11.01.12 at 5:30 am

Very funny you should post this today. I’ve just completed 2 hours of OH&S training today at my office with a very similar result. The content was actually okay on mine, but the platform was pretty much awful. None of my colleagues or I could even work out how to navigate between the pages, and none of the multiple choice questions lined up with the answer boxes… Fail.

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