MAG Asian Championships

1. China 361.500
2. Japan 346.600
3. North Korea 346.500
4. Korea 346.300

Men’s Team results. (PDF)

Japan did not send their top squad.

Some big routines, I’m sure.

Chandler Eggleston linked to this one — Zhou Shixiong P Bars 7.1/16.2

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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3 thoughts on “MAG Asian Championships”

  1. So … How long til we see felge (peach) + 1.5 turn? On another note, this shows how wrong the element group restrictions are. 4 felge skills like we see here is too many, yet having more than 4 support skills is not a problem. Likewise, it is good to have a HB routine with 5 releases, but having a HB routine with 5 in-bar skills would be boring. The element group restriction need to be reworked so that it only applies to some groups, and perhaps has different values for different groups rather than a fixed value of 4.

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