Florida cheerleaders grounded


Florida officials told cheerleaders Nov. 16 they could no longer perform acrobatic stunts and tumble during games. The decision came days after an Orlando Magic cheerleader was injured during a performance at a basketball game.

University officials said they took a proactive stance “to protect the cheerleaders” instead of waiting for a tragedy to occur.

Cheerleaders disappointed that they couldn’t tumble at their last home game of the season took their protest to social media, tweeting under the hashtag #Unground UFCheer.

Athletic association spokesman Steve McClain said the danger associated with acrobatic stunts is “simply not worth the risk to the cheerleaders or to the University of Florida.”


Injured stunt team performer Jamie Woode will meet with local media on Friday to give an update on her recovery. She had three vertebrae fractures and a broken rib.

In related news, Steve McClain proclaims that birds at U Florida are no longer allowed to fly. They must walk while crossing campus. :)

They might fly into his thick skull.

I assume McClain will next be cancelling Football. Too dangerous.


#1 Ono No Komachi on 11.23.12 at 10:46 am

If I had to guess, this may have something to do with liability. Cheer is not part of the athletic department the way football or gymnastics is.

#2 ak on 11.23.12 at 12:29 pm

WOW next they will be wrapping everyone in Bubble Wrap because walking down stairs could cause a fall!

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