most incredible Manna sequence

kinesthesist (website) sends this link. Yowser.

Anait (Arevik) Seyranyan, Circus performer and Coach from Winter Haven, FL.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (at 7min 30sec)

There’s a training clip on this page. She’s incredible.

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3 thoughts on “most incredible Manna sequence”

  1. Yes. Jaw-dropping!
    However… was it just me or is this routine too long for the circus? I don’t know, it just seems painstakingly slow at times and a very long lead-in of presses and one-arm handstands.
    I mean, the one-arm work is simply, RIDiculously good, and I think this woman is a machine – but the length of her holds seemed really over the top for a circus audience. At the two minute mark of a balance, I found myself wanting to fast forward through most of the routine.
    The elevator music didn’t help.

    Oh look at me and all my negativity! This woman is SUPER talented, I just think that the choreography could do with a shake-up.

  2. Han I fully agree with you.. The choreography does not do this routine justice.. Better music and better tempo would make this routine ever more jaw-dropping.

    Truly amazing!

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