Let Me Tell You About CrossFit

Byers owner/coach Debbie Broderick Rodriguez is pretty crazy about CrossFit. She linked to the best promo video I’ve seen yet introducing the sport to newbies.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

People walk in the door and ask:

… “Hey, where are the machines?”

… We’re the machines.

CrossFit is great and getting better. Getting safer.

Still, I’d rate regular gymnastics bodyweight training as superior. And much safer.

Where CrossFit succeeds best is in the psychological domain. The team approach, very well explained in that video. We should emulate that.

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5 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You About CrossFit”

  1. I think that is a sport/training program that you’d have to be very careful with.

    whilst i am a FULL supporter of functional fitness (push ups/sit ups and even free weights) over standard machines, there is SUCH a high risk of injury – ESPECIALLY if you dont use correct technique,
    ESPECIALLY if you try to “over-do” it
    ESPECIALLY if you dont have attentive, knowledgeable trainers and small class numbers

    i think there would be a lot of (ex) athletes or gym buffs thinking that this type of work out would be “easy” and not know what they are getting themselves into!
    Its a great idea with the right staff, right progressions and right supervision

  2. I’ve heard somewhere that crossfitters should do gymnastics or powerlifting instead, however to train any of those they need a bit more… guts?

  3. i dont think dead lifts and overhead presses with heavy weights should done with people with limited training

    I have a wild guess that quite a few of the clientele will be at the doctor/chiro/PT clinic with prolapsed discs, spondylolysis, rotator cuff injuries etc from lifting more than they should with a technique far from ideal.

    there is a reason that weight lifters/power lifters spend years on their sport with KNOWLEDGEABLE trainers.

  4. the problem with the cf ist mainly olympic lifts (snatch, clean and jerk) done for time by people who never mastered them in the first place (often the cf coaches themselves do not know what they are doing with these). olympic lifts are for speed and not for speed endurance. the rest of the program is imo just great – intense, real work, real results, fun, challenging.

    most adults who are into fitness do not enjoy the everyday practice with frustrating work on details day in day out – unfortunatly that is required to get any good at olympic lifting, gymnastics or any other ‘skill heavy’ sport. but they do enjoy crossfit. cut the oly lifts for time and reps from the program and it is really a good one – competent coaches are a must so (and the cf weekend certification will not be enough).

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