Olympics ends …

For me. :(

Artistic and Trampoline have concluded.

GOLD: Deng Linlin, China
SILVER: Sui Lu, China
BRONZE: Aly Raisman, USA
after appeal of score

After all the grief Aly’s puts up with online, she’s one of the most successful American Olympians 2012. Consistency rewarded. Congratulations.

GOLD: Feng Zhe, China
SILVER: Marcel Nguyen, Germany
BRONZE: Hamilton Sabot, France

GOLD: Epke Zonderland, Netherlands
SILVER: Fabian Hambuechen, Germany
BRONZE: Zou Kai, China

GOLD: Aly Raisman, USA
SILVER: Catalina Ponor, ROM
BRONZE: Aliya Mustafina, RUS
… ahead of the Ferrari after tie break

Sandra Izbasa, sadly, had a fall.

Examiner – Quick hits: Gymnastics event finals day three at the 2012 Olympic Games

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19 thoughts on “Olympics ends …”

  1. And Apocalypse 2012 was narrowly averted, because if Zou Kai and Zhang Chenglong went Gold and Silver in HB as a preface to Raisman winning FX Gold, the internet would have blown up, thus sending the world back to the stone age.

    So there….Zou Kai’s terrible execution saved the world. He’s still my hero.

  2. Well done for Aly, Mustafina and the romanian women. The only thing that went wrong on floor was Izbasa not being able to win a medal. On the beam, the chinese totally deserved. Loved Deng’s presentation. And Aly, once again, rock solid.

  3. Predicted response to Aly’s victory:

    AHHHHH! You cursed brat! Look what you’ve done! I’m melting, melting! Oh, what a world, what a world. Who’d have thought a good little girl like you would destroy my beautiful wickedness? AAAHHH! I’m going OOOOOOOOOOoooooooo………………………

  4. Thank god aly won floor she rocked it. Best floor routine in the world. She rocks. Aly definitely deserved bronze on beam. Wasn’t as high as the Chinese but I really liked alys beam a lot better. Aly rocked it. I feel for jordyn getting rail roaded must be hard to go on. It shows gabby didn’t win one event. Im for team USA all the way but Konica should have beaten gabby. I hate to say it. I wish aly didn’t mess up on bb at the as she could have gotten silverBut you go aly great job

  5. Thank god Zou Kai didn’t win high bar. The judges finally came to their senses and found some of the deductions in his routine.

  6. Glad to see Epke win high bar. That routine was so exciting. Hambuchen was also amazing. Super clean. What a great high bar final!

  7. Epke Zonderland won because he did not give up.

    He spent years losing to Zou and Zhang, but I never heard one report of him whining about their “boring” routines, bad execution, or the code. I never heard reports of anything like this from Hambuchen, either. Maybe I missed it.

    He (and Fabian) did what they had to do to get the job done.

  8. Thank goodness Ferrari’s most disgusting leotard didn’t medal! (Also, I did think that Aliya’s floor was better than hers).

  9. Aly’s floor routine has been my favorite all year. There is so much that makes it great to watch–the music, her power, the difficult tumbling, how high she flies. Loved it! I like some of the other routines, but the music on many just didn’t tie together with the tumbling. I know a lot of people hate her gymnastics, but I found them fun to watch. Glad she took gold. The only thing that surprised me was that Ponor’s score was so much lower than Aly’s. I thought Catalina had the 2nd best routine. But boy did Ponor ever get held up on beam. She really didn’t deserve a medal there, so glad she dropped out of the bronze after the protest. Moment of the night? When Bela, Marta, and some other woman were yelling at Mihai to file the protest.

  10. “Moment of the night? When Bela, Marta, and some other woman were yelling at Mihai to file the protest.”

    You’re so right. That was classic!

  11. Aly soared last night! So, so proud of her–1st American woman to win Olympic gold on floor! I really wish that Jordyn had mailed her routine as well, I love Jordyn’s floor set. I was speculating last night that she might be hiding an injury because of all those uncharacteristic errors and lo and behold, I heard today that she has a stress fracture.

    I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about the Karolyis but man, they were ON TOP OF IT. They knew immediately what was wrong and what to do, and if they hadn’t been so vociferous, Aly wouldn’t have gotten her bronze. They are definitely someone you want in your corner.

    I hate how they’re spreading out event finals so much–didn’t they used to do it all on the same day? Wading through hours of TV just to get to my beloved gymnastics is Not Fun.

    As thrilled as I was for Aly’s bronze, I felt bad for Cata, so I’m very glad she won the floor silver. I loved her work in Athens.

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