Hannah Whelan zero Vault?

Judges deemed her feet did not touch first during the AA Final today.

Zero score.

That’s not what this screen grab shows.

Update: Video review is required before giving a zero.

Grace Chiu:

In the Code, in Article 8 (vault), it says that the D-Panel & Apparatus Supervisor will automatically review any invalid (0 score) vault or vault with 1 hand (2.0 deduction). …

Grace, photographer on site, didn’t actually see the judges review the video.

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13 thoughts on “Hannah Whelan zero Vault?”

  1. Did Britain get a chance to protest, or did they decide not to? I find it a bit silly that Whelan gets a zero on this, but Pena gets credit for hers. The judges continue to give the more difficult elements the benefit of the doubt, but are harsher on the easier elements.

    I realize judging has to be incredibly hard, I probably couldn’t do it. And I think it’s probably natural to be more lenient, probably without realizing it, when an element is super impressive, due to difficulty. However, this is something FIG should include as part of the training. They should teach judges to overcome this natural bias.

  2. I’m sure it was a tough call for the judges to make. I just feel bad for Hannah. A zero in the all around in front of a home crowd has got to be a tough pill to swallow.

  3. So unfortunate and wrong! I have to say I have never been more disappointed in our judges & FIG than at these Olympics. The media is certainly noticing and that is not good for our sport. At the same time, I’ve never seen more amazing athletes who have risen to the occasion of showing true sportsmanship despite the blips, oops, stupids and swapping of $100 bills.

  4. It’s a shame for her but really this vault was sooo short she wouldve ended near the bottom of the pack anyway. I don’t think she was ever ready to compete the double at these Games.

  5. Yeah the vault may be ‘short’ but can still rack up as many points as the other disciplines.. So yes not in medal contention but this would have made a big difference. It’s a silly rule anyway, to not give any credit for the actuall vault, in the other disciplines if you fall off you can get back on to try again/ carry on, while I know you can’t have another vault, there should be some credit given.

  6. Its really unfair! I thought the overall score comes from difficulty AND exercution so surely they should only take points from the exercution. Also, the picture above proves the judges wrong!!!!! We’re behind you all the way Hannah!!!!

  7. Slightly off topic but similar. How did Zou Kai and Uchimura get the same execution score on vault in the Team Finals? Both scored a 9.3
    Zou Kai didn’t even have his feet pointing the right direction, but landed sideways. Compare Chinas scores with their vaults, and Ukraine’s scores with their vaults. The judges handed China the win one the apparatus with the greatest value. Something stinks.

  8. American Gymnastics – so true. The judges seem being playing favourites a lot more often these days. Especially with the apparatus finals. Certain gymnasts just seem to get gifts every year.

  9. Think you need to land on your feet, not just brush with your feet as this picture shows. If you land on your feet and the fall over you will still get some marks but Hannah didn’t actually land on her feet which is why they didn’t protest. I was there and don’t get me wrong I disagree with it! But while she looked gutted (understandably) she did well to carry on doing well on the a bars and rebbeca Tunney did well.

  10. I’m almost certain Pena didn’t land on her feet on quals, would have to rewatch it but I remember it as a question of ‘what hit the mat first’. She got credit for it.

  11. The rules are different for the vault than the ‘quals??’ lol as its such a short piece the landing is needed for the score… in other pieces the dismount counts as a separate part and credit can still be given for the routine if not for part of the dismount (i think) even if not fully completed (although not sure on that last line) – Still think they should change the rules though! :-(

  12. Lianne – Quals stands for qualifications so Catherine was refering to her vault during the qualifications, as a judge i think video analysis is required before giving an athlete 0 on any piece of apparatus, however in all skills there needs to be an ‘end’ to the skill else it gets 0, the same on beam, 1 foot must touch the beam/floor on the dismount before a fall else the skill will not be counted towards the difficulty. The rules are there for a reason though and all coaches and gymnasts are aware of the rules prior to entering. :) Gutted for hannah as the pic clearly shows her feet hit the mat first therefore i’d say it was a fall with big deductions but didnt deserve 0.

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