BELMONT school – cartwheel friendly

One sensible Australian principal.

BELMONT Primary School has declared itself a cartwheeling and handstanding school.

Banning either of these typically joyful childhood activities because of a concern about safety is just “overkill”, according to principal Mark Arkinstall.

If fact, Mr Arkinstall is adamant it is his school’s role to develop students’ physical capabilities as much as it is to work on their academic skills which is why climbing is also allowed.

Mr Arkinstall spoke out yesterday in response to news of a NSW primary school banning its students from doing handstands and cartwheels unless under the supervision of a trained gymnastics teacher.

“It seems to be a bit silly, you’d never get out of bed in the morning if you took that attitude,” Mr Arkinstall said. …

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Schools encourage handstands, cartwheels

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2 thoughts on “BELMONT school – cartwheel friendly”

  1. I remain baffled by the school that banned the cartwheels and handstands. They’re not exactly high-velocity activities. Are children still allowed to run? That’s much more likely to cause injury. Swings? Climbing structures? Death traps! Bicycles? What sort of school and parent would allow a child to ride something as dangerous as a bicycle?! May as well just hand them a grenade and send them out the door!

    Okay, actually there are some schools in my area that ban bicycles because they are “unsafe” and that baffles me too. Instead, they require parents to drive and drop off their kids. So my hyperbole stands, but I’m sure the cartwheel-banning principal would be on the side of banning bicycles too.

    When our culture turns minimizing risk into the highest priority over all else, it creates a crazy imbalance in priorities, and it ultimately creates children who are fearful and so risk-averse that they struggle with being healthy, productive adults.

  2. There may be so much more at play than what we are focusing on. It could be a community issue, where a parent or administrator saw a kid in a skirt do a cartwheel and deemed it inappropriate.

    It is our litigious society that makes administrators so hyper sensitive and cautious.

    Im sure the kids’ “best interest” is at heart, here. It is just poorly executed, and probably very unnecessary.

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