Mai Murakami – double lay, 3/1 twist

Rod Floor on to pit mats.

Kazukuni Ohno’s VIDEO on Facebook.

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3 thoughts on “Mai Murakami – double lay, 3/1 twist”

  1. Where does she get it from? I realise this is not competition ready/competition mats but I can’t help picturing a floor routine with a triple twist-double layout, triple twisting double back, 1 and a half to a triple and a double layout to finish..with a quad turn as well for even more bonus! The 2013 code, am I right in saying it has introduced H elements? If so, she’s in luck!

    Devastated she won’t be in London, though understandable given her inconsistency elsewhere besides floor. Even if she could just do floor and her vault- whatever she does there will probably be worth more than an amanar. 2013 worlds hopefully we’ll see her..

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