Sam Mikulak – Olympian?

The biggest happy surprise at Visa Championships was young Sam hanging with the (young) big names atop the leader board. He finished 3rd AA.

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OK. He doesn’t have the experience of Horton, Dalton and others. But this kid is psychologically tough. Look how he handled this potential disaster.

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He might be the ideal alternate.

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5 thoughts on “Sam Mikulak – Olympian?”

  1. This should have been a surprise to no one. It was a surprise because Mikulak is not as familiar to people as some of the others.

    Mikulak was a very good junior, but came along at the same time as Orozco. He probably would have been the dominant one if not for Orozco.

    A bunch of his NCAA career has been slowed by injury, but when he was healthy, he was as good or better than anyone else there.

    That PBars routine with the relatively low difficulty and very high E score? He’s been doing it for months.

    I don’t think Joey Hagerty had any (or much) international experience, and he did fine. Mikulak should be fine.

  2. Joey Hagerty did fine? He fell twice in Beijing and looked far worse than at USAs or Trials. His inexperience showed.

    Right now Mikulak should be on the team. But not for rings, p-bars or high bar, which he wouldn’t do. His real asset is pommel horse, plus a strong floor and vault score. If his scores on horse drop internationally, and I agree with other posters that they will, significantly, nothing else matters. At that point the team is better off with a horse specialist.

  3. I think it may be close between Brooks and the talented young Mikulak for the last spot/alternate position. I guess what they do at trials will help make the final decision. I knew I’d see him at trials but I didn’t know that he would have an actual chance at a spot on the team until Visas were over.

  4. If nothing much changes between now and trials, Mikulak will be on the team and Brooks will be the alternate.

    Mikulak could blow horse one or both days, and Naddour could hit both days.

    Even if that happens, I bet the USA will take Mikulak.

  5. Even if he hits pommels, if he doesn’t go at least 15.5 on fx and 16 on vault both days (entirely possible) I don’t see any reason to take him. If Orozco goes clean on floor again and can go low to mid 15’s Mikulak becomes even more expendable.

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