Triple Twisting Yurchenko

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Someone handy with editing software has merged the reigning World vault champion’s two vaults from the 2011 U.S. Championships, showing 98 percent of her Amanar and adding in the last half twist of her second vault (layout Podkopayeva) to make it appear that Maroney is doing a triple twisting Yurchenko. What it does achieve is providing a good visual of what the first TTY will look like whenever it gets done.

Examiner Watch this: McKayla Maroney’s “triple twisting Yurchenko”

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3 thoughts on “Triple Twisting Yurchenko”

  1. I thought there was a video some time ago of her training this vault. I haven’t been able to find it again since, so maybe I just dreamed it.
    Anyway, Kohei has already competed a triple twisting Yurchenko, so Maroney would not be the first. Maybe Blythe meant McKayla would be the first female to do it?

    1. Yep.

      There have been a number of men who’ve tried it in competition, including Artemev.

      But the only woman I’ve seen was Nabieva. She landed less than 2 1/2 twist on the attempt, though.

  2. She must be training them, even if only in a pit. It’s all too common at that level to be training bigger skills than you compete, and that is especially the “soviet” way.

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