Stalder Shaposh 1/2 = Yao Jinnan

According to the coach, if Yao did the new shapo1/2 tomorrow at the Zibo World Cup, then it will be named after her right away instead of waiting for Olympic/World championship. …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (at 39sec)

Can anyone confirm that?

She competed it internationally already, I believe.

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12 thoughts on “Stalder Shaposh 1/2 = Yao Jinnan”

  1. True Alicia. However I believe you can only submit at Worlds, Olympics or a world cup event to get it named after you. At other meets you can submit for difficulty rating only if memory serves me right.

  2. They should allow gymnasts to get moves named after them at more competitions. The current setup is really restrictive for innovation.

  3. i kinda think it’s possible for the move to be named in Zibo cause it’s a cat A world cup competition. isn’t it?

  4. No, I think WCH and Games only .

    Article 5.8
    In order to be recognized as a new element, the element must be successfully performed (without a fall) for the first time at an FIG Official Competition:
    World Championships
    Olympic Games
    – No element will be named if there is more than one gymnast who has performed it for the first time. The element must be minimum “C” difficulty.

    The first gymnast (with this COP) was Mustafina (2010 NED-RUS-ESP-SWE) but she could not take part in World Champs (Japan) where she might have performed this skill.

    Jacqueline Johnson UB 2006 Scam Prelims

    Aliya Mustafina UB – 2010 NED-RUS-ESP-SWE

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