Olympic champ Melissanidis returns

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.. he Atlanta Olympic champion gymnast 1996 in (Floor), Greek, Ioannis Melissanidis , will be competing in … the World Cup in Osijek, the end of the month …

At 34 the gymnast is in good condition to develop competency in their unit. “I have never ceased to be a gymnast. I train every day, I’m still the same diet that I had when I was competing. So I think you could do well. “Said Ioannis.

He further clarified: “It would be impossible to reach a level to the Olympics, but there are other competitions – European Championships, the World Cup events of the Mediterranean Games … anything is possible.” …

gimnasialatina.com (Spanish)

Here’s his Gold medal routine. Back in the day when execution was required, and shorts were short.

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No problem. He’s young. Jenny Hansen is age-38 and still trying for the U.S. National Team.

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8 thoughts on “Olympic champ Melissanidis returns”

  1. He’s already returned to competition. I can’t even remember the specific meet, but he finished far, far out of it.

    It’s sounds like he’s mainly out there now to have fun and keep doing what he loves.

    1. It’s one of the great Olympic gold medals of all time. I’ll be linking to it again. Any excuse.

      Personally I’m not a fan of his effeminate style. I am a fan of those landings.

  2. I can appreciate the proper technique and difficulty in his tumbling….but the flaming short shorts and flamboyant transitions are not necessary by any means whatsoever.

  3. I detect a whiff of not so subtle homophobia here! How sad that is. Just because a gymnast has a balletic style and a nice body line and pays attention to corner moves doesn’t mean he is effeminate.

  4. Shorts were shorter in those days, and the routines had a different style.

    A lot of negative things have been said about this routine, but those comments are just as silly and rude as the ones calling Legendre a meathead…in both cases it is as much about the anxieties of the authors as it is about any empirical reality.

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