learning from defeat

On this site we often celebrate those who succeeded in their gymnastics goals.

Tom Burgdorf:

But what about those who don’t “make it” in their performances at the big events? They win too. So much learning and growing occurs when a less than desired result happens. That is why we can’t lose.

… As parents we get to help guide them through this period and we will learn a lot about the core of our child based on their “rebound.”

… I really believe that more is learned from adversity and the recovery than with success all of the time.

… Life doesn’t end with a fall off beam or not moving on to Nationals.

… Parents: your children will be okay even though they may be hurting right now. Guide them but make sure you give them some space to do a little “figuring it out themselves.” …

Coaches & Parents – Learning In Victory and in Disappointment
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