Illinois wins Men’s NCAA Championships

After some INCREDIBLE comeback on Pommels, the Illini win their first title since 1989.

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1 Univ. Of Illinois 358.850
2 Univ. Of Oklahoma 357.450
3 Penn State Univ. 354.800
4 U.C. Berkeley – California 353.000
5 Stanford Univ. 352.650
6 Univ. Of Michigan 351.050

Click PLAY or watch some Team highlights from prelims Thursday on YouTube.

Jake Dalton – 91.0 AA (15.55 Vault)
Sam Mikulak of Michigan and CJ Maestas of Illiois tied for 2nd at 89.7

Vault is devalued 1.0 in the NCAA.

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2 thoughts on “Illinois wins Men’s NCAA Championships”

  1. Congratulations to Illinois! There were a few surprised Sooners…

    Barring injury, Dalton will be on that team, I’m pretty sure. Nobody is thinking of putting him on horse, but he’s TF worthy on every other event. He just keeps getting better and better. Dalton almost never makes large mistakes on events other than horse.

    Who knows, if he keeps at it and improves on horse, by 2016 he could beat Uchimura.

    Other guys who came out looking good – Glen Ishino managed to hit PH and is healthy enough to compete all six.

    CJ Maestes – rocks rings and scored 15 on PH. He may be able to work it enough so he could score mid 14s on horse in front of international judges.

    Sam Mikulak – is really improving on HB and PB, has upgraded FX a bit…still working on VT consistency, but if for some reason Jon Horton cannot get back on the legs events or Orozco/Leyva have some bad luck during the selection events..he could be right there.

    Not so hot…Paul Ruggeri…gravity hates him.

    And Go Bears…almost made the podium.

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