strength legend Jasper Benincasa

MARCH 25, 1921 – JANUARY 6, 2012

Jasper did a 1-arm chin-up at age-89. Not bad.

… His two most extreme accomplishments were doing one chin with a 265 lb man held between his legs, and a C.T.I. (Close to Impossible – arms parallel to the ground while holding a bar with his hands) from a horizontal bar …

Read a profile by Jack Arnow – JASPER BENINCASA, A LIFE WELL LIVED on Beast Skills.

Close to impossible? :)

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  1. the CTI where the peoples are talking about is little different (the body is before the bar, the angle between arms and body is 90° and the body is orthogonal to the floor….my father who is a teacher of physics did some operations…so with his body features he has to generate a grip tension of about 14000-15000 Newton…he doubts seriously about this skill…so am i

  2. Correction – Jasper did a one arm chin-up at age 89 years old. NOT on the day he died (when he was 90 years old).

    As far as the CTI goes, I’ve put an analysis on my website of the two photos of the CTI. I think it’s a hold.

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