Simone Biles – longest Amanar ever?

Sacramone is the only female gymnast who can challenge top male gymnasts for HEIGHT.

Simone Biles has big time DISTANCE on this monster from WOGA Classic.

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Compare with our World Champion.

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USA is by far the strongest nation in the world on Vault.

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9 thoughts on “Simone Biles – longest Amanar ever?”

  1. God, I cant wait for this vault to be devalued. Some lousy gymnasts been doing it and win AA or EF medals. FIG, time to devalue the Amanars.

  2. I think it is very interesting that we have become the strongest country in the world on vault after 2004 when we were the weakest. Hollie Vise, a former World Champion on bars, was left behind for Mohini Bhardwaj and Annia Hatch’s DTY’s. Now, we are arguably the weakest country on bars. For this Olympics, we are now going to be forced to leave behind athletes who can compete clean Amanars for bars specialists. This would have been unthinkable in 2004! Could this mean coaches see our national deficit, train athletes to fit the needs, and we will be the world bars specialists come 2016? I think that would make for a great article!

  3. Sam, are you saying that this kid has a “lousy” Amanar? If you are, the 4 judge panel of Brevet judges obviously disagree with you!

  4. “If you are, the 4 judge panel of Brevet judges obviously disagree with you!”

    You can’t take any judge’s score as gospel just because they are a judge. Sometimes they are not thinking about giving the most accurate score as far as the actual rules are concerned.

  5. @shergymrag
    I am not saying that the SCORE was necessarily spot on, I was questioning Sam’s comment about “lousy” gymnasts trying to perform this vault & that it should be devalued.
    First, I do respect judges, but as a coach & a judge myself, I know that mistakes are made. But, realistically, this kid was the first one up at the meet…the judges were not “ranking” her. It was a great vault. Would Maroney have scored higher with that panel? Probably. Maroney is a beast. But, Biles should get recognition for performing this vault well.
    Second, this vault should NOT be devauled. How many women in the world are actually COMPETING this vault right now…not just training it? Yes, Americans can vault & tumble! So, should America be penalized because the rest of the gymnasts in the world are not as strong as us on those events? No one is leveling the playing field for us because we are weak on bars right now!

  6. I am so glad to see that Simone performed & scored so well on her vault at US Classics. Way to go, Simone. Keep it up!

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