Gymnastics Cross Training = mobile fitness

Jason Edward MacDonald of Gymnastike linked to this unusual video. It includes gymnasts from Temple and Springfield College.

GXT – Gymnastics Cross Training combines the most contemporary training modalities of P90X, TRX Suspension Training, Crossfit, and functional training all while emphasizing gymnastics strength movements, drills, and progressions. Gymnastics movements lay the foundation for all sport movements and skills. Getting stronger with the weight of your own body through all planes of motion is what GXT will help you do.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

The “truck trainer” drives to you. Condition where you wish.

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With that rig I could go on a long road trip, and get in wicked shape en route.

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  1. TRX bands are amazing. Have started using them with my personal trainer and the exercises don’t kill me but I get a great work out with energy left to do cardio and I am muscle-sore for a couple of days after. It would be great for gymnasts because it is all body weight and not actually muscle building (for bulk). Love them

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