coach Don Peters under investigation

Rarely do I link to sensational news stories about supposed sexual misconduct. People are innocent until proven guilty. But I’m linking to this one. It’s big.

A former U.S. Olympic team coach who guided American gymnastics to some of its most iconic and triumphant moments could face a lifetime ban from the sport after three women have come forward to accuse him of having sex with young gymnasts in the 1980s.

Don Peters coached the groundbreaking U.S. women’s team to a record eight medals at the 1984 Olympic Games and built SCATS, a Huntington Beach gymnastics club, into an international powerhouse with a string of Olympians and national champions.

It was during that same decade that Peters had sex with three teenage gymnasts, three women have told The Orange County Register. …

read more – INVESTIGATION: Ex-gymnasts accuse renowned coach of sex abuse

It sounds like the Hall of Fame coach is under investigation by USAG.

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6 thoughts on “coach Don Peters under investigation”

  1. This not great for gymnastics and I feel for these women! USA Gymnastics needs to always look to improve in this area and background checks were a good start. But most coaches are only looking out for the best interests of their athletes.

  2. “”Jen (Sey) was always trying to get me to tell somebody,” Yamashiro said. “And I’m not sure what kept me from doing that. So I didn’t really feel free of it.””

    I wonder what she thought when Sey alluded to it in her book.

    It’s really too bad everyone kept quiet even into adulthood. It’s too bad Macnamara didn’t say anything. Supposedly he confessed to her. A lot of people who confess really do want to be stopped on some level.

  3. This is AWFUL. That…just…isn’t…ok!

    And “had sex with” is the wrong verb. That indicates consent and a lack of coercion. NO. NO. NO.

    And shame on the adult who knew and didn’t tell. That’s not acceptable.

  4. This doesn’t surprise me. Many times I have cringed when male gymnastics coaches have grabbed and hugged their underage proteges after successful performances. And I remember Olga Korbut saying she was raped by her coach in the early 70s–

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