Rebecca Bross knee injury DTY

Defending champion Rebecca Bross is out of the U.S. gymnastics championships after injuring her right knee on vault. …

Sounds like ACL. Gymnastics Examiner says it’s a dislocated kneecap. Whew. That’s the same injury Peng Peng Lee had. Same skill. She’s recovering quickly.

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  1. I hate to be a negative nancy, but didn’t they think Aliya’s was a kneecap too? I’m praying it’s not, but that’s certainly what it looked like. :(

  2. i think they thought Aliya’s was a meniscus tear, and it turned out to be an ACL tear. but i’m not sure. praying that Rebecca’s won’t be an ACL and hope she can come back.

  3. It makes the world team selections very interesting. I’m thinking Wieber/Maroney/Sacramone/Raisman are locks and the other two spots are up for grabs. I never would have thought Macko would make a second team or that Memmel or Johnson would make a team this year, but after tonight’s competition, I think any of those three have a shot at one of those other two spots.

  4. KS, I have to say bad decision making on a vault choice was the first thing that entered my mind too. Competition legs are different that training legs. You tend to tighten up and not absorb the bad landings the way you would in training.
    I have faith that if they say its a dislocated kneecap that that is the injury. Of course my fingers are crossed that an MRI does not show damage they are not feeling/seeing. Thankfully USA gymnastics has the best of the best medical team and an amazing team doctor. No doubt the USA gymnastics has the best medical care of any country. Very glad Dr. Nassar was there on the podium immediately.. he goes beyond being an amazing doctor and cares for those girls like a father.

  5. ^^^^ Everything you said. Praying for Rebecca’s speedy recovery from whatever it may be… and hoping that it’s not serious enough to keep her from next year. This kid is touch as nails, and to not see her earn what she’s worked for would be devastating.

  6. Gymnastike is reporting that it is indeed a dislocated kneecap. Much better than any tears, but we still won’t be seeing her for a while.

  7. “Becca was having trouble on vault all week. This was a bad coaching decision that ended disastrously.”

    Maybe Valeri (and Rebecca) thought the wrinkles would be straightened by the searing iron of competition, as has happened many times before.

  8. Rebecca is so determined, I don’t think we can just say that it was a coaching decision. She has looked tired the whole competition, but I bet Becca was set on doing the all around on her first competition back. The good news is, with that determination, she can completely come back if she wants to, and I hope she does.

  9. I was sitting just a few rows up and could hear her after they got her off the podium crying and saying “it hurts so bad,” I know a dislocated knee cap is very painful but to have such a strong willed competitor show so much pain it makes me think it’s more than dislocated.

  10. A dislocation can hurt worse than a tear. Remember all the amateur orthopedists from the idiot boards opinining that Shawn just had a “little injury” and then we find out it is three ligaments and a fu…messed up meniscus.

    The body is not bulletproof peeps. Some people are NEVER THE SAME after injuries. This shi…stuff is serious.

  11. “The wrinkles didn’t iron out in night 1’s competition.”

    What was unusual about Rebecca’s performance was the number of seemingly simple mistakes she was making DURING the competition on Day 1. When this happens to athletes of her caliber, they are almost always juggling a litany injuries — fairly significant ones — the mitigation of which is bound to create something even more hideous and terrifying. As far as coaching goes, the blame game begins here, not around a vault table on Day 2.

    Valeri Liukin has been the Bear Bryant of US gymnastics, but incidents like this could make him the next Al Fong.

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