USA Gymnastics coach ‘certification’

Again USAG is making a push for requiring more of ‘coaches‘ than only safety certification.

The inaugural Junior Olympic Coaching Certification and Training Camp took place at the U. S. Olympic Training Center at the Karolyi’s Ranch on May 26 – 30, 2011. Thirty three coaches and forty-five gymnasts took part in this new educational program offered by USA Gymnastics.

The coaches certifications included both practical and classroom instruction under the direction of USA Gymnastics National Coaching Staff Tammy Biggs and Steve Rybacki.

This new educational opportunity emphasized on skills and progressions to train Junior Olympic athletes Levels 5 – 7. Training included hands on spotting techniques, proper body shaping, lesson plans and lectures on strength, conditioning, flexibility, periodization, sports medicine and psychology. …

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I bounce back and forth between Canada and the USA. The Canucks (mandatory coach certification) are better coaches, on average, than Americans. … I hear all sorts of crazy theories, based on no science whatsoever, in the States.

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