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You know what I’m talking about …

Every time we let the general sports photographer into our gyms, the photo chosen (out of hundreds) is a crotch shot.

I won’t link to this AP photo as I’m not wanting to send them even one visitor.

It happened at the Canadian Championships this year too. The local sports reporter working for us was terrific. Later the paper’s sports photographer rolled in, wandered the floor, and posted a crotch shot unrelated in any other way to the results of the meet. Or the text of the article.

There’s no debate on this topic. Photographers that deliberately choose photos that emphasize the genitals of girls and young women should be named, denounced and specifically disallowed ever to attend our competitions in future.

Feel free to name names in the comments if you know of a scumbag photographer you’d like to ban.


• NCAA photographer LuckySo-n-So defends his crotch shot pics on a photo forum.

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