Jaycie Phelps gym opens TODAY

In Illinois the Indianapolis area.

… co-founder of the Jaycie Phelps Athletic Center, which is holding a grand opening from noon-5 p.m. Sunday …

Phelps, 30, was a member of the Magnificent Seven that won the United States’ first Olympic team gold medal in women’s gymnastics at Atlanta in 1996. …

Her 25,000-square-foot multisport facility will feature instruction for youths in baseball, softball, gymnastics and cheer tumbling …

Phelps owns the facility with her father, Jack, a baseball instructor, and gymnastics coach Dave Marus, formerly coach of Metroplex Dallas …

IndyStar – Phelps would like to send a gymnast to where she’s been

From the Facebook album: Gym Almost Done by Jaycie Phelps Athletic Center

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10 thoughts on “Jaycie Phelps gym opens TODAY”

  1. Yeah it sucks, I’d like to believe better of someone. But there is some evidence on Facebook (I don’t remember under which account) and I happen to know two coaches in that area that lost almost their whole team to Jaycie’s gym. Sad.

  2. I don’t think it sucks. I’m glad the gymnasts have more opportunities in the area.

    Not every coach and every kid are a good match so if a gymnast has a shot at training with someone who might be a better match, that’s great.

    It really doesn’t matter why the fit isn’t good or isn’t as good as it could be. It could be the former gym was too far from home. If a new gym opens up that is closer it probably won’t take a whole lot of “recruiting” to get a gym family to move to the closer gym. Even if it’s just that people want to train with a former Olympian in a brand new gym, that doesn’t take much recruiting either.

    Most of all, business is business. Maybe these two coaches might want to look into reevaluating their product. Maybe next time a swanky, new gym opens up in the area they might get more loyalty from their customers.

  3. Disagree. If you’re good enough (and Phelps probably is), the gymnasts and their parents will find you. There’s no reason to personally target someone else’s clients or burn your bridges with a former employer…especially given how small our sport is. Secretly advertising to parents is manipulative and leaving a business high and dry like that doesn’t bode well for one’s character.

  4. Secretly advertising to parents? How do you know the parents don’t just see the regular advertising that businesses do? And once again, if someone’s clients are happy, “recruiting” attempts are going to fall on deaf ears.

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