CrossFit for ex-gymnasts

Formerly I said that Artistic gymnasts were the fittest female athletes.

No more. In 2010 the top CrossFit women are more “fit” than the best Artistic girls.

That’s quite new.

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning fitness methodology that promotes broad and general overall physical fitness. CrossFit combines weightlifting, sprinting, and gymnastics. CrossFit says that proficiency is required in each of ten fitness domains: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy. …

Gymnastics coach and judge Jeff MacRae took me to a regular CrossFit workout at his gym in Charlottetown, PEI.

Jeff MacRae - Crossfit, Charlottetown, PEI

Conveniently, CrossFit PEI is located right beside his gymnastics club.

Jeff’s only recently taken up the sport yet qualified to National Championships for the first time in 2010. (Inconveniently Crossfit Nationals conflicted with Artistic Gymnastics Nationals.)

Jeff is certified as a “gymnastics expert” in Crossfit. Indeed he’s scheduled to teach several “gymnastics” workshops across Atlantic Canada.

Crossfit is booming. If you’ve not yet checked it out yourself, stop by your local club. My preconceptions that it would be dangerous, participants using bad technique, turned out to be unfounded. Jeff cannot recall a serious injury at his program over the past 2yrs.


#1 shergymrag on 07.05.10 at 5:29 am

What is the big news here? Crossfitters are taining to be fit. Gymnasts are training to do tricks. People doing fitness for fitness sake are bound to be more fit than people who are doing a sport and have fitness as a byproduct.

#2 Kevin Wood on 07.05.10 at 10:33 am

Jeff hosted a gymnastics seminar at CrossFit Moncton a while back. It was awesome and everyone was impressed with his progressions for teaching complex moves. Can’t wait to have him back again.

#3 PolyisTCOandbanned on 07.05.10 at 1:35 pm

I think the average NCAA wrestler has better overall fitness (of course, the exact definition of fitness is up to debate, but use some definition that you feel honestly applies) than the average NCAA gymnast. Heck, I’d say the average NCAA boxer has better overall fitness.

#4 lindsey w on 07.05.10 at 5:37 pm

I do crossfit and I am an ex gymnast of like 4 months

#5 coach Rick on 07.05.10 at 5:55 pm

That was for female athletes, TCO.

#6 josh on 07.06.10 at 12:34 am

Depends on the CF Couch. There are some (! not many) great CF Coaches out there.

#7 George N on 07.06.10 at 10:19 am

I always thought the best athletes were the Japanese fishermen Rick ;-)

It’d be interesting to see a cross-fitter on the Ninja warrior and see how they fare…

#8 Blair Lowe on 07.07.10 at 7:07 am

George, I know a few have tried out but I don’t remember if they ever got far enough to go to Japan.

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