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A new site has been launched to rally support for the Men’s team. From this page you can donate to the cause, or send a letter of support.

Cal Gymnastics Forever

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2 thoughts on “support Cal Berkeley gymnastics”

  1. USA Gymnastics cares so little about men’s NCAA gymnastics that there is not even a mention of this on its website.

  2. Interesting. When the Cal State Fullerton program was in danger, USAG posted a story on it’s website including a donations link. I believe USAG also contributed a substantial sum of money to this program.

    We can give them the benefit of the doubt in that CSUF was directly told it had to raise a specific sum or get cut, while the Cal men’s situation has not yet reached that stage.

    But if it does, let’s hope USAG does the same for Cal as it did for Fullerton. After all, Cal has two legit contenders for the next Olympics….

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