Gymnastics – pommel horse training

From a coaching clinic hosted by Calgary Gymnastics Centre.

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One of the coaches never did gymnastics. We asked him to look at all of these variations as simply double leg circles.

flank forward > rear support > flank backward > front support … REPEAT

The most important talking point of the session was wrist pain. It’s ended the career of many good gymnasts.

Cut back even at a young age for those kids who suffer a lot of pain. Consider splitting training into two 15min sessions each day, early and late.

Consider bracing the wrists. Take long breaks (e.g 2wks) off pommels if wrist pain gets bad. But continue with all other apparatus.

Mushroom and Floor are hardest on the wrists. Avoid those if you have wrist pain.

Leave a comment if you have other strategies on how to deal with that problem.

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3 thoughts on “Gymnastics – pommel horse training”

  1. There’s the sand/rice method and other various exercises for helping with wrist flexion and such. It’s better to split the event/skills as you say. Of course I don’t see that as much coaching only girls but there is enough of it especially during puberty. Ice afterwards, strengthen before and during rest periods.
    Tiger Paws for me are a last resort.

  2. Great advice for resting as needed, icing, bracing and splitting up pommel training. I’ve found doing forearm circles on mushroom with a bucket using a nice break. Uphill/downhill and double/single rail circles seem to be the least aggravating for many since you can minimize wrist extension.

  3. I’m interested in donating a pommel trainer to get feed back on our product. If any coaches are interested please notify me.

    Susan Gibaldi
    Gymnast Hut

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