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For the third time in the last four seasons, the SCATS Men’s Gymnastics program (in Huntington Beach, CA) has produced a national champion. Last month, Sam Mikulak earned the Level 10 (16-18) all-around gold in a hard fought battle against Jesse Silverstein. Mikulak’s exploits were key to helping SCATS win the Level 10 national team championship as well. …

Coached by Grigor Chalikyan and Albert Avchian, Mikulak is capping off a remarkable club career as one of the sport’s most consistent competitors over the years. His 91.55 is the highest ever JO Nationals all-around score under the current scoring system. Along the way, he has become one of America’s best vaulters …

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This photo is from last year …

John Orozco (center) won his third consecutive U.S. junior title in Dallas. Sam Mikulak (left) finished second ahead of bronze medalist Christopher Turner.

Sam joins Michigan this Fall. … I’m thinking Michigan may be the team to beat in 2011 after that astonishing 2010 season.

Talking to the Canadian National team coaches last week, many raved about the up-and-coming MAG talent in the USA. … They raved about the Pommel Horse in the U.K., even more, though.

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3 thoughts on “gymnast Sam Mikulak interview”

  1. Did the coaches mention any names when they talked about the U.K. Pommel horse? I’m familiar with Keatings and Smith. Are there others we should be watching?

    The U.S. MAG are in pretty good shape. We aren’t even that bad off on horse – it’s just that some of the best US All Arounders are not great at it.

    Sahsa Artemev could still be in the picture – he just needs to rest long enough to recover from his injuries.

    P.S. Michigan barely beat Stanford, and they will be losing Mel Santander…so we shall see.

    1. The Canadians have done several training camps with the U.K.

      Seems they have a lot of great guys coming up. The comments were specific to high start values as a Sr. TEAM at World’s upcoming.

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