Emily Green – Floor

In College gymnastics the best Floor routine is the most entertaining routine. Without conspicuous errors.

Big tumbling is bonus.

Perhaps the routine I’ve enjoyed most this year is Emily Green from Kentucky.

Click PLAY or watch Emily’s Floor on YouTube.

Emily’s only ranked 40th on Floor on GymInfo. That’s how many great routines College gymnastics has to offer.

Emily made Gymnastike’s list of Best Floor 2009 last season.

Who will win NCAA Floor this year?

Not McCool. … Perhaps Brandi Personett.

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21 thoughts on “Emily Green – Floor”

  1. Supposedly Anna Li is going to see about elite. Brandi Personnet has also made noises about it and says she and her teammates dream about what kind of routines they would throw.

    So…please FIX women’s college gym so there is more incentive for difficulty. They can still do all the tatoos and cheerleader gestures and team hugs and all. But just start rewarding athleticism. think about how many athletes there are and how much competition they are getting! Imagine drawing from that pool and taking the best of the best and putting them into the mix. It could help the USA competitively. Look at how Stanford and Oklahoma support the international team (and in the past Nebraska, et al.)

  2. That wedgie was incredibly entertaining.

    “So…please FIX women’s college gym so there is more incentive for difficulty. ”

    Seems like there’s plenty of difficulty in college gym even without incentives. If you want to watch difficulty, watch FIG. College gym should be free to follow it’s own path.

  3. I’ve been watching Emily for years (high school age) and she seems to get more fun to watch the older she gets.

  4. Nice DL, a couple of cool moves on the floor, but otherwise not entertaining to me. I really like Anna Li’s routine this year the best so far.

  5. I loved this routine! Im a jaded seen it all gym fan and I rewinded three different parts immediately to see them again. But does she do a full turn (or any turn)? I dont think I saw one.

  6. I agree – love the routine but ewwww get a leo that fits. Why do people even think that looks nice. Put it away! We are here to see your gymnastics not your bottom!

  7. I just watched it again. Love the athleticness. It’s as if she’s grabbing Nastia fanz by noses and kicking them in the asses. Seriously, love all those rolls and handstand piros and such. And the athletecism right at the end. Rocked!

    And her bottom looks just fine to me…

  8. Yeah, TCO, like I’m sure you would love to watch MAG if the guys competed in nothing but thong underwear.

    Some things are better covered up, at least at sports events.

  9. I didn’t even notice her bottom until you all brang it up. I mean she is a pretty girl, but honest, so are a lot of NCAA gymnasts. Was not checking out the minuatia of her leotard. I was mostly watching stuff like her bouncing on the floor like a trampoline. To me, that is true creativity and artistry. More so than someone arching their back and waving their arms.

  10. I think the handstand piro at 50 covers the requirement?

    and I just totally LOVE, how after you think she is all done tumbling and is going to do some lame finishing move in the corner, she comes back with another tumble! It’s like she is showing real joy in the athletic sport!

  11. Well, I didn’t either, but some of these girls should at least make the attempt to wear leotards that fit. I would think this could get really uncomfortable.

    And TCO, I don’t even know why I bother, but if you don’t like the way women’s NCAA is, don’t watch it. After all, there are plenty of empty seats just waiting for you at men’s NCAA meets, where no one even tries to be artistic and it’s all about athleticism.

  12. I would like to get an NCAA meet. Should have got to one near me. They are free and all and would be fun. I was just too lame. :(

    P.s. I wonder what/who was cut. And that is soooo cool that Rick’s default is to accept and anticipate a flame war!

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